1ternational WEEK – 🇬🇧🇪🇺

18th to 22nd of JULY 2022


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Heather Urquhart and Jules Munns have been teaching and performing improvisation together across the world for over decade, both alone and with their duo show ‘Ten Thousand Million Love Stories’. They are members of award-winning improvisation company the Maydays, with whom they have visited many European improv festivals to perform ‘Happily Never After’. Jules was a founding member of the Nursery , where Heather was co-Artistic Director. Heather performs with the Olivier-award-winning ‘Showstopper! The Improvised Musical’ and Jules was the founding director and now performs with ‘Impromptu Shakespeare’. They live in Sussex with their son, Iggy. 


Great improvisation needs both chaos and order. Too much chaos and it falls apart, too much order and it becomes boring. But when they are in balance, the bizarre somehow makes sense, the accidents fall into place. 

In this workshop, you will work to work with these two things, both in scenes and shows. How can we offer boldly while still serving what is there? How can we be coherent with getting safe? How can we be a team without losing our individuality? And how can we make a show that is more than just a group of scenes?

Using skills and techniques drawn from the Harold and similar forms, you will learn to see options and possibilities rather than absolute answers, to find ways to be playful with your teammates while still building together. You will learn, where necessary, to add that little bit of chaos (or order) when the improv needs it. 

Syllabus includes:

  • Use of reincorporation, inversion and mirroring
  • Noticing and interpreting what is already there, physically, emotionally and verbally
  • The theme of the show – what is it about and what is it saying?
  • Scenes that serve the show, and shows that serve the scene



Felipe Ortiz is passionate about the body in movement and its possibilities, that ́s why he explores it through acrobatics, improvisation, clowning, physical theater and object manipulation to create new forms of expression in performing arts. As a performer he ́s been touring around the world since 2003. He ́s a well known in the international scene as an impro, physical theater and clown teacher. Currently working as a clown, acrobatics and impro teacher at the Javeriana University in Bogota. He ́s being the artistic director of La Gata Cirko (new circus) for 19 years. Recently he became a pilates instructor with the ̈
Physical Mind Institute ̈ and has been studying the last months with the Ido Portal ́s online movement training program.


During 5 days, you will find how to discover and create objects and imaginary spaces. And how to connect your imagination with your body by taking advantage of the infinite possibilities it can offer you.

Through spontaneity games, impro exercises, and specific movement techniques, you will find how to discover and create imaginary objects and spaces and how to connect your imagination with your body taking advantage of the endless possibilities your body can give.

In this workshop, the participants will be trained to allow their body to surprise them, taking them to unexpected places and circumstances, how to interact with imaginary spaces and objects, (they can be your best friend but also your worst enemy), this will be an important tool to avoid actor’s blockages and a limitless source of creativity and



Liz Peters is an award-nominated British performer who has been performing professionally for over twenty years. She trained as an actress at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, before studying improv at iO Chicago and with numerous other international improv teachers and schools. She plays and teaches improvisation worldwide and is part of The Maydays, who have been running retreats, courses and shows since 2004, as well as Bumper Blyton and Ohana.  Liz is also a qualified Embodied Facilitator and author of the book “Own it!’, working closely with the body to help people feel at ease and make an impact on stage.


Improv is creating theatre live in the moment, so to make high quality work we are wise to borrow skills from acting. The ability to connect with ourselves and our scene partners, to communicate to the audience and make them feel can really raise our game.

Discover the freedom of playing from instinct and sensation, rather than thinking, as we bring awareness into the body and really listen.

We’ll look at embodiment and physicality, voice and emotional expression, as well as stagecraft. How to transform into believable characters and hold the stage with power and confidence.  We will slow down and feel the emotional connection between you and your scene partner, giving space for the magic and subtext to arise and develop. These skills will help you feel liberated and empowered onstage as well as allowing you to work less hard to delight your audience.

Playing from the heart creates scenes that really spark. When we get out of our heads and into our senses, creativity flows easily and compelling connections emerge which may be joyously funny or deeply touching.

These workshops for the « international week », between the 18th and 22nd of July, for GouareK – Improv Workshops, is possible with the help of the Ker Arzour association. Thanks to them.